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Payment Pending (auth. in progress) merchant cancelled order

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Hi, I was buying something from Sephora Canada from india. They had a whole fraud policy and stuff (was unaware of) so they automatically cancelled the order. The payment now shows pending and authorization in progress - temporary Authorization to check your payment method would cover the amount. It's been two weeks and thats been like that. Anyone knows what's up? (Additional info - my debit card is verified but my bank account isn't - how do I verify that because it asks me to put in two amounts they've sent but I think I did it way back in 2018 or smth and now don't have the transaction details)

Payment Pending (auth. in progress) merchant cancelled order

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When you pay a company (rather than an ebay seller or individual), then it is often pending until that company processes your order and captures the pending payment.

If they don't process that order and capture the pending payment then the pending status times out at 30 days post-payment.

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