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No Withdrawl Button In Mobile App

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I facing withdrawal difficulties in Paypal this 2 days.


I been cashing out fund to bank every month (so this not the first time I doing)


I using mobile app to withdrawl fund to my bank.
When I click my paypal balance, usually I see a "Withdrawl" button, but currently I unable to see it.

I have update my app to the latest version.


Mean time,  I try to access via browser, and click "transfer funds" -> "transfer to your bank" and the page was blank.

No further instruction given. 


I try to use incognito mode, it show the same result.


Anyone face this issue before? How to solve it?


No Withdrawl Button In Mobile App


Hi @CalvynLee


Sorry to hear you're having trouble withdrawing money. This definitely sounds like a concerning issue. You should be able to follow these steps to withdraw funds. If these steps aren't working, I would recommend that you reach out to Customer Support for further assistance. 


Hope this helps! 



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No Withdrawl Button In Mobile App


My account is back to normal now. I able to see the withdrawal button now!


I have call to the call center 2 days ago,

support agent mention that my account has no issue, but a group of account been affected with this issue,

not only me. So I believe several people who have the same problem, we are fall in the same batch of affected account.


Support agent also told that Paypal technical support is looking at it, they might need 7 days to revert


I really shock when I hear "7 days"... 

What a big finance industries need 7 days to fix a critical issue?

If taking than 24 hours issue still can't fix, boss should fired all this bunch of engineer already.


What if I am waiting the money to save some one life?

Can that person wait in hospital for 7 days?

even 24 hours also cause life and death.


no worry, I am not in this situation,

I just found a bit ridiculous when the tech team can tell the call center they need 7 days to fix.


Just my thought... cheers!

Hope those who get impacted get your issue fix too.



No Withdrawl Button In Mobile App


I also see this behaviour in the PayPal app. 

No idea why but there is no way from the paypal app to withdraw to a bank account. I have a commercial account and have always used the normal PayPal app to withdraw but it has disappeared completely now, however using the PayPal Business app for the same account works and also using web browser has the option, just the usual app is missing. 

I also have an issue where an invoice that was paid a month ago is stuck showing as "pending" on the app but not on the web browser side. 

This is on iOS and it is the same issue on 2 different phones and ipad. I have removed and reinstalled the app without success. Looking to see where I would proceed from here

No Withdrawl Button In Mobile App


Hi jestermcgee, 


Welcome to our Community Forum! I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble withdrawing funds through the app.


Here's how you can withdraw using iOS:

  1. Open the PayPal app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap Manage Balance.
  3. Tap Transfer to bank.
  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer and tap Transfer.

It takes 3-7 business days for the withdrawal to complete.

No Withdrawl Button In Mobile App

I see no “Manage Balance” option. I use to simply click my balance and then on the screen it had a button to transfer. This is missing now and I see no option and I have looked through the app. It seems to have just disappeared.

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