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Message is still on hold over a week after delivery!

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My money has been on hold longer than a week after the package was delivered! I am a new user and added tracking info on it and marked it as shipped once I shipped the package, but over a week after the package is shipped by USPS and the money is still on hold and is still marked as "shipped". Is there anything else I can do so I can get the money? I have contacted PayPal support multiple times through messages and calling but nothing is helpful, It's always the same information to add tracking info which I did the day the package was shipped. What can I do or who can I contact to get help with my problem???


Message is still on hold over a week after delivery!


Hello, @Teo201!


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community! 


I'm sorry to hear your money is on hold. Some payments are held for a maximum of 21 days to ensure that the buying and selling process is completed correctly. If you want to release the funds sooner, as you mentioned that you have provided a tracking number already, you can send the delivery note. This way we can verify that the item was delivered to the correct address. If you don't take action, the funds will be released automatically after 21 days. Once you create a good sales history with us, you will receive payments directly to your PayPal account and you will be able to have them instantly.


I hope this information helps.





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