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How can I withdraw my money

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I can`t withdraw my money on my visa card , I tried more and more times and every time I try to withdraw I get that stupid message

(Sorry about that. We can’t complete this for you right now. You can try again in a minute or two. If you’re still having an issue, let us know.)

that stupid message didn`t give me any information about the problem, I tried all solutions to solve this message like

-I use visa card (confirmed) and I sure that is no problem with it.

-I tried to use master card and prepaid card.

-I tried to change the browser and clean the browser.

-I tried to sue other pc.

and all of these tries are failed.

I am stuck from 5 months , please if any one Know how to solve it tell me .


How can I withdraw my money

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Read this link as you are in one of the affected countries.

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