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Friend claims he cant issue refund because payments pending

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So yesterday I sent money to a friend who's abroad but I sent too much by mistake. The money was sent on paypal through my bank debit card and the transaction is still pending on my bank statement, He's saying that the transaction on his paypal is still pending and is unable to refund my money, but on my paypal the transaction isn't saying pending and seems to be complete so I'm not sure what's happening, should I wait till my bank has finished pending before taking any action or should it be possible to refund now and he's just lying?


Friend claims he cant issue refund because payments pending

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Transfers from bank accounts are never instant, that is why when you buy something paypal credit the seller upfront for you and paypal take the wait for the funds to transfer to pay them back again, this is so you get any item if applicable without delay.


If its showing as completed / payment or sent on your paypal account then it has successfully transferred BUT whether its on hold or not on your friends account is dependent on how you sent the funds ie goods/services OR friends/family? 

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