Did Google Play stop accepting PayPal as a primary payment method?

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Why is PayPal not eligible as a primary payment method for a Google One subscription in Google Play?

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Yeah, I also noticed that you cannot add PayPal as Google payment method yesterday.

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Hello @mikeattack4 and @beibao23

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I understand you were both recently unable to use PayPal through Google Play, and I'm sorry to hear that. From personal experience, I've found that PayPal can only be connected to one Google Play account. If you happen to have multiple emails, that could cause the error message you're receiving. If you discover that your PayPal is on a different Google Play account, you'll want to disconnect it on the other Google Play as well as cancel your subscription on PayPal. 

You might be encountering a payment decline if you only have one account. We have some troubleshooting steps listed here in our Help Center that you might find useful. For further troubleshooting, I recommend reaching out to Google Play Customer Support and potentially PayPal Customer Support

I hope this helps, and you can use PayPal to make your purchase soon! 

- Meghan

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