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Cannot withdraw more than $99

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Hi. For some reason I can't withdraw more than $99 to my bank. If I typed in $100 it shows an error "Right now we're not able to complete the transaction" But it works if I typed in $99. Why is it?


Cannot withdraw more than $99


Hello @KevinPutra,

Welcome to the PayPal Community! We're glad to have you here. It sounds like there may be a limit on your withdrawals for the account. It could also be the security system and method of withdrawal you are using as well. It would be best if you got in contact with an agent who can review and assist you. To get in contact with us, please visit the PayPal webpage and scroll to the bottom where you'll see 'Contact' listed. Clicking on this will bring you to our Contact Us page where the available methods of contact are provided. We Look forward to assisting you!



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