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Cannot withdraw from wallet to bank account

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PLEASE can someone help as I am getting nowhere with paypal customer service.


I have had a paypal account since 2005 & as an ebay seller would make regular monthly withdrawals from this account into my bank account. From May 2021 ebay no longer accepted paypal for my ebay sales as I was transferred on to ebay managed payments & so from June 2021 I have not made a withdrawal from my paypal account. I now have a balance in my paypal account having received funds from other sources. However, I find I cannot get pass the next button when trying to withdraw funds from my paypal wallet into my bank account. The blue dot fills in correctly but the next button is frozen.


I first contacted paypal customer service two weeks ago. Following numerous phone calls the problem is still unresolved. All I am being told is that there is a technical problem. They refuse to say what & will not say when it will be resolved.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Many thanks,




Cannot withdraw from wallet to bank account

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Have you tried withdrawing via the app?

OR can you send the funds using the friends/family option to a mate or family member to withdraw for you?

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