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Blank screen when sending payment

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Hi guys. I have a 3 clients trying to pay me through PayPal but they each get a blank payment screen every time. It seems like it's when it's more than $100 as amounts below that can come through with no issue. I've gone through my account multiple times, there are no limits, everything is verified, they've used different computers and phones to make payment but no success. I've spoken to customer service but I've had no success. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this?

Blank screen when sending payment


Hello @Scarla_x,

Welcome to the PayPal Community! We're glad to have you here. This sounds like it may be more of an issue occurring on the buyer's end of the transaction. It may be best to have your buyer's who do experience this issue to contact us directly so we can diagnose the concern from their end of the situation. I hope we can help to resolve this situation!


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