Verifying e-mail after sending the money from bank did my money disappear?

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I transferred 18 euro to PayPal from the post bank, but after that I noticed that I did not verify my email linked to my PayPal account, my question is: Has my money disappeared or will it be transferred to my account within 1-2 business days? Or when I did copy and paste the name of Paypal the letters are gone can it be because of this?




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I completely understand your concern about your funds. When you add an email address to your PayPal account, we send you an email to confirm that you own the email address. You can find the details about confirming your email address here : How do I confirm my email address


You can only add money from the bank account linked to your PayPal account and it usually takes up to 3 working days to complete for the money to reach PayPal system. SWIFT transfers or cash deposits are not possible.


I hope this information helps!



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