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Hi! I’m hoping that someone here could be of help. I used Paypal that was linked to my Metrobank savings account to pay for Cebu Pacific’s rebooking fee. The amount was deducted from my savings account but it was not reflected on Recent Activiy in Paypal and the payment status of my rebooking fee in Cebu Pacific’s page shows that the payment was declined. Can someone please help me with regards to processing the refund? Thanks!

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I understand your concern about the debited money towards a declined payment. When you attempt a payment using PayPal, the amount will be placed on hold temporarily in your bank until the merchant captures the order. As the payment got declined, any payment showing as debited/hold will be released back to your bank balance in few days. I suggest you to wait few more days to see the refund or reversal in your bank account. 


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