Payment Decline [OR-HDT-O4]


Hi I've just started having this problem whenever I try to buy something with PayPal on YouTube(supachat) and Steam(games purchase) I get this error: 


"Payment declined. Your purchase could not be completed due to an issue with your PayPal account. Please contact PayPal Customer Service for more information or choose a different payment method. [OR-HDT-04]"


At first i thought it was a balance issue since the games purchase was a few cents over my current balance, as i have many pending payments due to YouTube SuperChats. However, the error persisted even on a purchase of lower value and it was also declined after i transferred more funds into the bank account attached to PayPal.

Extra info about the PayPal account, it was created maybe 5 years ago and remained mostly inactive, and I've only started using it again from Dec 2022 very rarely, and it was only maybe mid Feb 2023 when i started changing most of my payment to PayPal and it worked perfectly with dozens of payments a day(YouTube SuperChats) and it only just started having an issue today(Mid Apr 2023).

any help or info for what i should be looking up with be much appreciated, thanks ! 

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Hi @SpankMePls


I am sorry to hear that you have been unable to make payments using your account. From reading the error message you are getting it seems that there is an issue with your PayPal account. I would recommend logging in to your PayPal account and going to the Resolution centre to see if there are any open issues or steps you need to complete to bring your account back to normal. It could be a request for verification as you mention you have only started using it again. 


I hope this helps, 


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I had the same problem,

you need to add in your PayPal account, the same email as your YouTube account (you can add several email).


And after that you need to add your paypal account in google play with this email, it's not a problem if you have two account. 

you need to connect in your paypal with this email 

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