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I’ve noticed a direct debit on my bank account which says PAYPAL FIRST PAYMENT. I have not set this direct debit up and it isn’t in my PayPal transactions either. I’ve cancelled it from my bank but I don’t want it to keep happening. Anyone had this before or know what to do?
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When you add a bank account to paypal it sets up the direct debit mandate so that paypal can take authorised payments for any purchases you make (or pay your Ebay fees).
No company eg water/electric can take funds from your bank account on a regular basis without that direct debit.
However the amount shown is always the ''last'' transaction / amount that you paid to a seller via paypal.
If you cancelled it then you can no longer use your bank as a funding source and your paypal account will no longer be verified.

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Hello @Temp20221116X ,


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I understand your concern about the unauthorized charges on your bank account. Some transactions may appear unfamiliar but are legitimate and authorized. In this case, I would recommend you check your pre-approved billing agreement payments. This charge could be from a service you may have signed up for in the past. Since you have already reported to your financial institution, here's how to check and cancel pre-approved billing agreements. If you do not locate the subscription or the pre-approved agreement, kindly report it as unauthorized stolen financials by reaching out to our customer support team through the available contact options on our website so that our advisors can help you accordingly.


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