I am having problem cashing in from PayPal to Gcash.

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I am having problem transferring money from PayPal to Gcash. I badly need my funds

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Hello @MayoraD23,

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I am sorry to know that you're having issues while transferring funds to Gcash. I understand how important it is to have funds at the right time. As per the information that you have shared, it is possible that our system is not letting you complete this action. Our security program considers a variety of factors at each transaction/activity to keep you safe. Any activity can often be blocked or declined if we detect any unusual or suspicious activity or not safe for your account in the future. In this case, I would recommend you try again at a later date.

Note: There may be a maintenance on Gcash dated 27 July.  I do understand the urgency for funds here and apologize for the inconvenience caused.


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