Can't send a gift!

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I want to gift money to a friend.  I did this three weeks ago to the same person in the same country - now it is impossible!


This does not exist!

  • Click Change next to "paying for an item or service."


Isn't it simply false advertising to say money can be sent to friends and family?


PayPal receives so much money from me per year in profits.  Why can't I send a gift?


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Do they have a business account as well?

If so then recent policy changes means business accounts cannot receive friends/family payments.

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But what if they don't and I can't still send a gift? My friend can send me a gift, but I can't send a gift to them Although I only did the "Verify card" thing yesterday and still haven't gotten my code since it's 2/3 days what I need to wait, do I have to wait those 2/3 days, or I should be able to send a gift?
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Hello everyone! Thank you for writing into our PayPal Community! Thank you @kernowlass for your help on this thread, we appreciate your time and knowledge. 


@Goku_Black, I can understand how not being able to send personal payments via Friends and Family. As you're not sharing your country, it's hard to say why you're unable unable to send personal payments. However, I can say the ability to use certain PayPal features is country-specific. With that in mind, if the option to send payments via Friends and Family is available in your locale or for your recipient, you should see the option as you send money. If you do not see the option, it's either because of the account type, or because of the account's locale. 


My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, 


 - Jon K

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