Accidentally transferred money to a non-reloadable egift card instead of my bank account?

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I did something quite dumb and accidentally transferred money to a non-reloadable egift card I had saved in my PayPal wallet instead of my bank account. I called the gift card company and they said there's nothing they can do on their end, and I can't talk to anyone with PayPal, only through the message center, and they said they can't do anything other than the money "might" come back. Am I out $400 or is there something I can do? Not one of my brightest moves but it was early Monday morning.

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If the card is non-reloadable, the card issuer bank will eventually bounce it back to PayPal. If the money does not return or the card issuer bank didn’t tell PayPal of a problem by business 14 days, contact customer services and request a trace be put on it.

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