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unauthorized charge

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My sons account was hacked into by his ex-girlfriend  and she sent herself  2000.00. Paypal sent him  a text when this happened, with in minutes he reported the transaction as unauthorized  on his account .  He also tried calling but since it was Labor day customer service was closed. Next day he called and they said they  it was an authorized transaction. He was shocked. Augured with customer service about the transaction asking  them how can they determine what's authorized or not on his paypal account . They said since he had previous transactions with this person they deemed it authorized, is that crazy or what.  Asked for an appeal to investigate , They said it would take 9 days , well it took  4 hours for them to decide it was an authorized transaction. No investigation ,  I'm sure there has to be an electronic trail that proves where the transaction took place.  Paypal does not have your back if someone you know hacks into your account and steals your money.  Today we will be going to the police station and make a formal complaint, because this is fraud!!!

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