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respond to dispute needs a way to add more information before final decision

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filed a dispute, got a response that package was delivered, even included a tracking number. The us post office gave me a document showing the package was delivered to a different address. This was not my package, it is a hijacked tracking number. I want to upload the document to my dispute but apparently have to wait for PayPal to deny my claim? Then I can appeal and upload the new documentation of fraud on the sellers part. Why not allow me to upload documents before PayPal makes their decision? 


respond to dispute needs a way to add more information before final decision

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I purchased wigs from a seller SGESHOP for 120.97 using my Paypal account on 07/07/2021 from they're website I saw on TicTock, The 6 wigs were delivered on 07/26/2021 and they looked absolutely nothing like the wigs on they're website, the wigs were all the same except different lengths with visible tracks all through the wigs they were horrible to look at. I quickly email the company and they offered 20% and keep the wigs. I said no that would only be 12.00 I am on a fixed income and can't afford to loose any money. I have a condition that causes me to loose my hair and I am insecure about leaving my house because of. I found the company on Facebook and several people whom had purchase wigs from them in the past were making the same complaint as me, they were saying not to buy wigs from this company that goes by Reimall wigs, lineservice and a few other names. They have many , many ads and company names on tic Tock advertising beautiful wigs that consumers never ever get. I have file a formal complaint with y PayPal and still awaiting the outcome and I plan on making many other complaints with other agencies. They emailed me saying they will refund me if I returned the product. I went to The UPS Store in my city and they quoted my 246.00 to mail the product back to an address in Shenzhen City, China <removed> zip code. I do not have another 246.00 to mail them they're product back. The wigs has absolutely no value to them. So I googled the address in China and found dozens of complaints regarding this address. The address is  as follows,


I am asking you to do everything in your power to stop this company from defrauding consumers. There are women out there with medical conditions like myself that can see these adds on social media and loose money. They have to be stopped.

Thank for your time

Nikita <removed>

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