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Unincorporated Association - Can not lift limit

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We are an unincorporated association, founded in 1895. We are not registered as a charity nor at Companies House. The UK Government makes a clear provision that we have no need to do either of these


We were previously advised by PayPal to set up a business, not for profit account. However, we have now reached the £2k limit. We have been in correspondence with PayPal for many months to try to resolve this but each adviser suggests something different and all end up reverting to insisting we need a charity number and list of directors. We have completed form after form and made change after change. Now we can't even cancel our account and start again since we are permanently 'under review'. It is so frustrating and, of course, there is no one UK based to speak to.


The latest advice is to change the Business Type from 'Not for Profit' to 'Sole Trader' but it is permanently greyed out. Please, please can someone help us because we are at our wits end???


Unincorporated Association - Can not lift limit


Hi @londonclarion,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


Even if you are not registered with the Company House, if you have a tax exemption document, we may be able to accept it. Otherwise, if the option to select 'Sole Trader' is greyed out, you will need to reach out to our Customer Service directly. If you want to contact our Customer Service, you can click ‘Help & Contact’ at the bottom of any PayPal page to see which options are available. You can also contact us on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@AskPayPal).


I hope this helps!


Unincorporated Association - Can not lift limit

New Community Member

We are in the same situation and PayPal support has been utterly hopeless for us. We are stuck in a loop and no one on the phone can help us. How do we unlock these limits!?

Unincorporated Association - Can not lift limit

New Community Member
Same problem here. Been back and forth via PayPal chat on Facebook since 25th July with no answer. Every time I get told that someone will get back to me within 3-5 working days and they never do. I was advised to write a letter on headed paper explaining that we a small non profit animal sanctuary and not a business and that would be sufficient. Documents are still under review! Everything else has been approved. I’m left in limbo now.

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