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Till how many days invoice can be disputed?

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I have a client who paid invoice for app development. After app is delivered he asking for more features to be added otherwise he will dispute the invoice for non delivery. It’s already 90 days but things are getting worse. He keep threatening and getting more work done for free. I want to know for how long he will have this option to dispute the paid invoice.

Till how many days invoice can be disputed?


Hi @EshanV


Welcome to the PayPal Community, 


If this is a Protected Payment or a Goods & Services payment, the buyer will have 180 days to file a case. 


If your buyer opens a case for 'Item Not Received' you can provide some evidence, such as: 


For intangible or digital goods:

  • You must provide compelling evidence that the intangible item or digital good was delivered or provided as described, or that the service was completed as described. Compelling evidence can include any evidence available to prove that your buyer received the goods or services or benefited from the transaction. 
  • You must comply with any terms and conditions you have established that apply to the purchase.You must comply with all technical integration requirements that were specifically notified to you by PayPal. 
  • You must have paid standard transaction fees on the transaction.
  • PayPal reserves the right to ask for additional integration requirements. These requirements are listed below:
    • Where you have integrated a PayPal checkout product and are accepting payments directly via a website or mobile optimized website, you must ensure you are using a current version of that product.
    • Where you are integrated with PayPal via a third-party, you must ensure you are passing session information to PayPal at checkout. Other integration requirements may apply depending on your business model. 
    • Visit for more information.

For some more help with this and information on PayPal Seller Protection Policy, see:


Thank you. 


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