Seller delivered plagarised useless content and promised to refund but did not...what to do ?

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I hired an author to provide me an ebook anthology. I paid him at the end of each chapter/short story. I submitted each short story/chapter to my editorial team. But, my team was loaded with work and only started work on the anthology after all the payments were made to the seller. Upon inspection, my team found that almost 99% of the content is plagarised. I filed for dispute on paypal. I also tried to contact the seller but he did not respond initially. Only on threatening to file a police case on him, he responded and agreed to refund. So I submitted on paypal that that the seller sent me a useless bad product and agreed to issue refund. Now, the seller is not responding to me, not responding to my cases on paypal. I dont know what to do now....please help me...I am under pressure from my company for not delivering the project and may lose my job...I am going depressed under so much stress...

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Escalate to a claim but you may well lose as you asked for an ebook and received one and paypal normally doesn't get involved with quality unless the item is ''significantly' other than as described.


However wait for paypals decision and if you lose then did you fund the paypal payment via a credit card? If so then see if your card issuer will chargeback for you?


Lastly you may have to seek private legal action if the seller is in the same country as you are, eg like a small claims court or similar if you have something like that in your country? 

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