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Seller Scam

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To all you sellers who are looking to try and scam buyers like me who use paypal on sites like Grailed or Ebay, here is a way you can exploit paypal!


1)  Sell a high end item like a jacket for say 525 USD

2)  "Accidentally" send a wrong item of much lesser value so that the buyer will want to return it for the item they thought they were buying

3)  Apologize and ask the buyer to return the incorrect item.  For their troubles offer to partially refund some money.  Thee smaller the refund the better for you.  So say 25 USD partial refund on the 525USD paid.  Send a return label as well.  Tell the buyer that if they feel uncomfortable about all this that they should do it through Paypal who will track everything.  Tell them to make a claim through paypal.  Then provide the partial refund and you are good!  At this point once the partial refund is sent through Paypal, Paypal will consider the case closed, and the buyer CANNOT make another case on this transaction!  NO MATTTER WHAT THE ISSUE IS!!!

4) So at this point you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT! a) don't send anything back to the buyer and keep the 500 USD remaining after the partial refund or b) send a fake of the item the buyer thought he/she was buying.  Really doesn't matter because at this point, the buyer has NO protection from Paypal! They will consider the case closed based on that partial refund transaction! In my situation, the seller sent a fake item and the seller said I can return it.  I wanted to do this second return through paypal so I would be protected but Paypal will NOT let me!  So if I return the item there is NO guarantee I will ever see the 500 USD refund!


This may not work all the time and maybe I am the dumb one and should have asked for a full refund initially when the wrong item was sent, but if it works once in a while, why not exploit this FLAW in the paypal system?


Seller Scam

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I found your post looking for the same answer. Just updating for anyone else in this situation dont lose hope. After going around in circles on the ebay website for about an hour with the case closed with a partial refund issued without my consent, just like yours and unable to access it to appeal/dispute as it was refunded (albeit partially). I was able to open a chat box entitled contact and automated assistant or contact an agent at the bottom of the page. Go to the chat box click a few promt boxes until you get chat with an agent, check that and you can chat with a real human. Yeah seems obvious but it is not at all. I was just about pulling my hair out in frustration before finding the answer finally. The agent rectified my problem.

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