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Scammed my Ebay seller

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I got scammed by ebay seller and paypal is giving me hard time. I send them screen shot of UPS saying that the tracking number is not associated with my address and name. Ebay sender send some random tracking number that says something was delivered in the same city. Here is what they told me again. I already went to UPS twice.Your merchant stated that they already shipped the item and provided the tracking number 1Z8001V50340076007. As per tracking it, it says that this is already shipped. But if the item wasn't shipped yet, no worries, I'll be giving you a tip on how you can win with this case. We just need help from you to get an Intranet form from the carrier because they will not share that information to us. The Intranet form is a document showing the logo of the shipping company and states that the tracking number provided to you by the merchant is not associated with your shipping address. It will show discrepancy in the full physical address where the package was delivered as this document would show full history of the delivery. We can have it as an evidence against the tracking number presented by your seller. I can help you with that and I am giving you some tips on getting a document from the carrier: 1. Do not call them because of their privacy policy, they will never provide the document. 2. Go directly to the nearest branch. 3. Tell them you are supposed to be the recipient and you are having an ongoing dispute with PayPal. 4. Ask for a supervisor to give you the document or form which states where is the exact address it was delivered, or the tracking is not associated with your address. Once you have this document, you can reply to this thread as a strong evidence against the tracking number provided by your seller.


Now, PayPal is saying get the proof of delivery address in UPS letterhead so that the claim will be on my side. I told PayPal that I visited UPS store twice and none gave me the letter. Now I tried to contact eBay and they said since case is open with PayPal work with them. One is saying get help from another and no one is taking the case seriously. Even the tracking number has weight on it which says 8.5lb which is wrong for the kind of item bought. I already provided the chat transcript with UPS to PayPal along with screen shots, where the associate confirm that my address and name is not associated with my address and that did not work for PayPal.


Scammed my Ebay seller

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With UPS, you have to go to a UPS owned customer (service) center to get the intranet report with the info PayPal is requesting, not a UPS Store® as those are independently owned/operated.


Their customer center in their operation facilities hub where all their trucks go park overnight after the day’s deliveries.

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