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Scam bitcoins HELP!

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What can I do if I was a victim of scam buying bitcoins with PayPal? unfortunately I sent money as a friend and family and wanted to know if something can be done about it, I have irrefutable proof of fraud.

Scam bitcoins HELP!

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created the business account to be able to sell tickets to our PTO fundraiser a few years ago. I do not need the business account anymore and have now paid more fees on someone sending me money than a personal account. How do I delete the business from my account? Labels

Scam bitcoins HELP!


Hello @GabrielVento,


Welcome to the PayPal Community. Unfortunately, Friends & Family transactions do not have PayPal's Buyer Protection. I would recommend reaching out to your funding source to see what dispute options you may have available. For the future, here's a great article on Common scams and how to spot them.


Best wishes! 


 - Jon K

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