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Return Postage Fee - Order 2 Aug & receive on 8 Aug (Urgent Reply)

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I have order 2 Sets of Chinese Drama (The Sword Of the Brocade / Word Of Honor) on 2 Aug & receive parcel on 8 Aug 2021.


But when I open the Chinese Drama - Word Of Honor 'DISCS 3' &  '4' are in defect & poor conditions (Scratches & Fine Lines).

Ask for exchange from Seller & supplier -delay very long time & get it exchange a New Discs on 3 Sep 2021.


After I watch & seen the DVD TV SCREEN are clear, but keep show 'Big GII COMPANY LOGO' on Top Right side's corner.

It always blocked the exciting screen , specially Chinese KungFu Drama - Not what I expected in my mind.


Ask Seller for 'Exchange a NEW SET OF CHINESE DRAMA - Word Of Honor (Same Title/ Same Price $/ Different Publisher Company)'.

Seller agree if given the previous set back. 



Can I still able to request 'Return Postage Fee ' if I order on Aug & exchange it at Sep month (Due to exchange defect discs delay a very long time too) ?  Yes/ No


Can I sent my Exchange item by DHL DELIVERY SERVICE ? Yes/ No

Can it able to be refund as Return Postage Fee payment ?? Yes/ No

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