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Permanent limitations

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I have been banned for using Paypal, I really like using Paypal because I can use it to my personal transactions (like buying food/payment from utilities) and I let a friend of mine use my account- her tutored students will use my account as the receiver of their payment. Man, I didn't ask her why she got hers(PayPal account) banned. Until it happened to me. All I did was use my account to receive money then withdraw it because she needs it. I didn't know that they will note those transactions as suspicious. It's just small amounts... It's very sad, their policy is that I can never make another account from my information! Is there a way to clear the violations I have? A way they'll revoke the permanent limitations...or a least can make another account for a new start. I love their service as a payment option. I can wait for their 180day hold. I just wanted to know if they will really contact me back. At least tell me a summary of my violation and what they will do to the money they hold.

Permanent limitations

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Totally against paypal rules to allow access by another person to your paypal account.

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