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Paypal refusing to close dispute

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Back in October, I had placed a dispute, which ended up being resolved with the merchant. So I contacted my bank, Chase, to cancel the dispute. They closed the case, charged me for the amount, and I thought that'd be the end of it. Turns out, Paypal, which is the platform I used to pay the merchant decided to prolong and drag the case on for now going on 3+ weeks. 


The merchant reached out to me saying that they hadn't received the payment. I contacted Chase who told me that the case has been closed, and that the dispute cancellation had been communicated to Paypal. So I called Paypal. Every time I called Paypal, the representative would tell me something different. The first rep told me it'd take 45 days to resolve this; the second rep told me it'd take 75 days, the third person (who is a supervisor) said it'd take 90 days. Why don't you choose a story and stick with it.


This is a simple dispute that has been resolved, one of the simplest things you can process. Please release the funds and stop coming up with lame excuses. Chase communicated the decision to you weeks ago! It shouldn't take you this long to cancel a dispute. What's even sketchier is, in the resolution center, as of last week, they had written that Nov 9 would be the day in which the issue would be resolved. When I logged in today, that date magically disappeared. Sketchy, unethical! This will be the last time I use Paypal. (Stripe and Apple pay are so much better!)











Paypal refusing to close dispute

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Hi Was this ever resolved? This is happening to me right now although I closed the dispute with chase. I even sent PayPal proof of it being closed

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