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Paypal has failed me as a custodian of my funds!

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The issue is that I made an error, actually two errors. I began, years ago, to entrust Paypal to be a custodian of my funds. I thought you were trustworthy, stable, fair and reliable. When I recently saw a mini-saxophone advertised on Facebook, I thought it would be something nice for my grandson and granddaughter, both of whom reside on the west coast. I ordered two of the items, in part because the ad said, they were on sale for approximately $22.00 each and that shipping would be free. In my euphoria about finding a belated birthday gift for my grandson, I clicked the button that authorized payment by Paypal. My second error was that I overlooked the fact that suddenly, magically, the cost had jumped up to about $92.00. When I realized my error, at first I was going to eat it and then I decided that I did not like what felt like a bait and switch tactic that I foolishly aided in. I swallowed my pride and contacted Paypal to object to the price change. Paypal opened up a claim/case and shortly afterwards asked me for 'documentation' that I did not have since the entire process was paperless and had taken place on my phone.
I was advised in short order that my claim had been denied for lack or adequate documentation, even after I had gone back in an attempted to simply cancel the entire order.

In my opinion this is shoddy treatment. The funds involved were mine. I had trusted you as an able custodian of those funds. It seems to me that Paypal could have threatened to withhold future payments from this Asian vendor or pulled back the electronic payment that was made. The item could have been shipped in the timeframe in which I made the complaint.

I am somewhat powerless to defend myself in this matter. I am literally at the mercy of the judgment and actions of Paypal. My only recourse is to slowly wean off of using Paypal as a fund custodian in my business and personal transactions.

Also, I can let other people know how this was handled, so you will not have the unpleasant and disappointing experience that I am having.

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