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PSD2 verification everytime I use the app

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Hello everyone.


I understand that with the introduction of PSD2 a verification is required "from time to time". That's understandable and acceptable.


However in my case, I'm being asked for the SMS verification every single time after I access the app (even if only switch back and forth to another app).


I've managed to temporarely solve this (for 1-2 days?) by re-installing the app, but it just slipped back into asking for the verification every single time.


Not only this is a massive annoyance for accessing the app, but also it does nothing to protect a payment done online? If I try to make a payment online (or simply login into the account in a browser), I get a request to approve the action on my device where the YES/NO appears before asking for authentication... so PayPal is happy for me to approve a payment without authenticating, yet can't access the app without this verification.... ARGGGG !!!!


So the question is, what should I do in order to stop this verification being requested EVERY TIME (I repeat, "sometimes" is acceptable!).


EDIT: forgot to mention the device I'm using is a Samsung S10+, and it's been the same device for the last 3 years or so... going from being able to access PayPal by just scanning my fingerprint (easy and clean), to scanning fingerprint + SMS verification each time. Same goes for accessing the website on a PC in a browswer (Google Chrome if it matters...), the only difference being that I need to press YES in the app to approve it (a step which doesn't require authenticating!).

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