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Ordered over six weeks and still waiting. Tracking has stopped and sellers site cannot be found.

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I ordered items from OKTOKR in China on 2nd August 2021.

I am still waiting for order to arrive.

When I click on "view your order" from the original order confirmation pageI get the following message:

This site can’t be reached

When I click on "visit our store", I get the same message so I cant actually get back onto the OKTOTR site.


I have contacted the seller OKTOKR and the email that the seller listed on paypal 

I have been directed to another tracking link ( with tracking number and could see the order moving but it has stopped moving since 3rd September 2021.

They told me there was a delay with updating of tracking and it would take 1-2 weeks. 

I have asked them to confirm that my order is in fact the items I have ordered, they wont confirm, they tell me to go look at the description on the OKTOTR site but how can I when the page is no longer in existence?

I have done some research and found reports that this site is a scam and people have warned not to buy from them. This is one of the links.


So the tracking had said "the plane entered the port" on 3rd Sept 2021 and now it says "Arrival at the destination". What does this mean? The order has not moved and has been in transit now for 33 days. I dont think I will receive what I ordered or I will receive something that is not as describe



Ordered over six weeks and still waiting. Tracking has stopped and sellers site cannot be found.

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How do I open a dispute with a seller when a purchase goes wrong?

You can open a dispute in the Resolution Centre of your PayPal account within 180 days of payment if:
•You don’t receive the item OR service
•You receive an item but it’s significantly different than the description on eBay or on the seller’s website (or you receive a totally different product).

By opening a dispute, you can communicate directly with your seller to work out a problem transaction.

If you reach an agreement with the seller you can close the dispute. If you're still not happy with the result, you can escalate the dispute into a claim. Paypal will review the claim and decide on reimbursement.

These steps apply to Personal accounts. If you have a Business account, please log in to see the steps that apply to you.

To open a dispute:
1.Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click on the transaction and use the resolve a problem option at the bottom of that details page.

•Generally buyers must wait at least 7 days from the date of payment to escalate a dispute for an item not received
•Where an item has not been received, please ensure you have given the seller enough time before opening a dispute

Do not close the dispute until you have a refund or your item.
If a seller states that they can't refund until you have closed the dispute don't believe them.
Escalate the dispute to a claim within 20 days (before it times out), if you need Paypal to get involved.

If you lose because the seller provides a fake tracking number then post back here for more advice.
If the item arrives and its not what you ordered / not as described then make sure you change the dispute quickly from non receipt. If the dispute times out before you can change it then contact customer services to open a second dispute for the new reason.

Activate the below link in case you have to return the item at Paypals request (or the correct one for your country as this is the U.S link).

If that does not work then if you funded your paypal payment via a card then contact your card issuer and see if they will issue a chargeback.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.

Ordered over six weeks and still waiting. Tracking has stopped and sellers site cannot be found.


Thank you.

This is all very good advice.

I can see that disputing with paypal against scammers does not always find in customers favour.

So, are you saying it has been long enough now for me to dispute? And if they provide tracking that says order was delivered theres not much I can do. I have read so many people saying that paypal side with scammers and then customers cant dispute paypals decision.

I ordered a ride on car a few weeks ago from China and it did not arrive and then I received a toy matchbox car in a small box from somebody with an asian name in victoria australia. And paypal new this but still found in favout of scammer who provided proof of delivery but failed to share this proof with me.


I dont know what to do?

Do I call paypal and try talk to them and see what they can do?

The scammers keep asking me to wait a bit longer and be patient....and this is while there original page has dissapeared and they wont confirm what has been sent and the tracking has not moved since 3rd september and they still asking me to wait.

Today they said it was slower because it is coming by sea on a boat but the tracking says its been on a plane....this is obviously a scam. 


I have lost over $150 and keep asking them for refund bu they just say wait, they give me excuses after excuses.

Ordered over six weeks and still waiting. Tracking has stopped and sellers site cannot be found.


I have contacted the bank also and they said to call bank and ask to put in a dispute form so I can try get funds back so I will do this tomorrow.



Ordered over six weeks and still waiting. Tracking has stopped and sellers site cannot be found.


Hey, just letting you know I received a pair of sunglasses in a case in a small package this week, it had the tracking number on it from my order but was obviously not what I ordered so I was able to put in a dispute with paypal who are reviewing things now. The seller then contacted me and said that a mistake was made labelling the wrong item and they will send out the original order....How do you mistake four items including a childs ride on car for a pair of sunglasses ? I just want my money back, a refund and hope paypal decide in my favour as I have presented all the evidence clearly.

Thanks again for your help....will let you know how it goes.

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