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Invoice received? Please help

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Hello all I received out of the blue a invoice from some dude I don’t know and on the activity thing is say -720 euro invoice received “REFUNDED” please help me what can I do how do I cancel it?

Invoice received? Please help


Hello, @xDreyar. Thanks for adding your concern here on the PayPal Community Forum. I can see how this would be a worry, but what you likely received was a fake/phishing email. They are designed to cause concern and make the recipient click on a link or provide information they shouldn't give out.


If you received an email that looks like it's from PayPal, but you're suspicious about the content, please forward it to and our Security Team will check it out. Don't click on any links and don't reply to it. If the email references something that's supposed to be in your PayPal account (a transaction or a limitation, for example), open a new browser window or tab and log on to your PayPal account by typing in the URL This will insure you are logging on safely and securely.


If you don't see anything in your account corresponding to what the email says, you can be pretty sure it's a phishing email. Please check the PayPal Help Center at for more information on how you can spot fake, spoof or phishing emails.


Another thing to help ease your mind is that PayPal invoices are just requests for payments. Nothing happens unless you respond to an invoice and make a payment. Receipt of a valid PayPal invoice does not cause a payment to be made automatically or anything else to happen. It's more along the lines of a notification and it's a way sellers can send a "bill" to a buyer and also provide more information about what it is they are selling.


I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for being a part of the PayPal Community!





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