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I got scammed

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I bought something that never arrived, the seller told me that they gave me the package which is a lie and doesn’t answer anymore. I suspect they are scammers, other people told me the same happened to them. Im new to paypal, and before I noticed it was a scam they asked me to say that I already received the package in paypal, because they had the payment retained and that way they could get it and send me my order. Later on, they told me paypal was asking for my personal information and sent me proof, saying they needed my ID and a receipt where my ID appears. I filled a case with paypal saying the package never arrived but they haven’t solved it yet. What else could I do to get my money back?

I got scammed


Hello @pau028,


Welcome to the PayPal Community! We're glad to have you here. Our claims process is an arbitration service we offer to help resolve disagreements between buyers and sellers. We review all cases objectively and with the intention of making a fair decision based on the verifiable information that is available at the time. You can respond to this claim and provide evidence by going to the Resolution Center This is where any and all claims can be managed. Most claims begin as a dispute which is open for 20 days and allows a dialogue between the buyer and seller to be held in the hopes that you may resolve the concern together. The claim will close automatically after 20 days if the case is not escalated or closed by the buyer. Once a case is escalated, we will reach out to the seller once again to collect any additional evidence regarding the claim filed against them such as tracking or proof of delivery. Following that we will review the claim over the next 10 days and come to a decision on the outcome of the claim. I hope this helps you out!



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