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Fraud before Item Delivery

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Hello all Somehow my address was changed on eBay. ( fraud? it wasnt me ) Anyway I live in Mass but the item I paid for was shipped to Fla. The PayPal shipping address was sucked over from eBay and I didn’t realize it was wrong. The item has NOT been delivered to Fla. Is there anyway to stop delivery of this item as I believe it is Fraud Ty

Fraud before Item Delivery


Hi there @Loco53,


Thanks for your post, and welcome to the Community! I'm sorry to hear this has happened. While the transaction can't be cancelled through PayPal, it may be possible to cancel the payment/delivery with the seller directly. I would recommend getting in touch with them to review your options. It would also be best to get in touch with eBay for assistance with the address. Good luck, I hope this can be sorted out quickly!


Take care,


- Celeste

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