Ebay account hacked; hacker used my Paypal account. Paypal sends conflicting information

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My eBay acct. was hacked.  Hacker bought expensive item and clicked on the "use Paypal" to pay for transaction.  I discovered it when I looked in my bank acct and saw I was missing a large amount of money.  I contacted Paypal and told them I was hacked.  I contacted eBay and told them also.  I spoke with customer service for eBay and Paypal and they each told me "no worries. You will get your money back".  After submitting a complete description of what happened and other corroborating documents, I am being told by eBay that since I contacted Paypal about being hacked, that eBay can no longer help me and that decision is "irreversible".  After talking to customer svs at Paypal I was once again told not to worry.  However last night I received an email from Paypal stating I "Please provide any information we ask you to send us within 3 days. If we don't hear back from you within this time frame, we may decide this case in the seller’s favor. Unfortunately we do not have specific details regarding what you purchased using this transaction. Please provide the following details regarding what you purchased using this transaction.   Let us know of intent of purchase for us to help you better."


To be clear!  I wrote a step-by-step description of what happened, what the hacker purchased, how I intercepted the item and returned item to seller who acknowledged the return.  Seller provide me with return postage paid label.


Still Paypal seems unwilling to offer me any real help and I don't understand what's going on.


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