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Account miss informative age

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Hey guys, i added my otp junior bank paper to my paypal to confirm my account, and now i have closed paypal because they said i didnt 18 but im 20 and they have my identity card, how can i message them? I cant call because i didnt speak english very well, thanks

Account miss informative age

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Paypal does not allow account holders under the age of 18.

PayPal asks for a birth date when you register so whilst you can make a PayPal account with false information the account will need to be verified to accept funds into your balance or lift any limits.

As you would be unable to verify your account it would be permanently locked for further use.
You would never be able to use that illegally opened underage account again but once 18 Paypal may allow you to do a withdrawal of funds from that account or allow you to open a new account and transfer the funds across for you. Opening a new account is not guaranteed as you have already broken their rules once but you should get one of those options.

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