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Account Permanently Suspended for Buying Crypto

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Hey Everyone,


Recently I noticed that Paypal was offering Crypto Currency as a service, so I bought a small amount out of curiosity. My account was immediately suspended for "suspicious activity". I provided the information needed to get my account cleared. Once it was cleared, I bought some additional crypto. My account was again suspended. After providing the same information, I called the call centre and spoke to an agent. She told me that the crypto service was new and there were some glitches. She assured me my account would be restored and this would be last time that this would happen. Calls are recorded right?


Once my account was restored, I purchased a small amount of crypto just to make sure my account was fine. I was suspended again. This time when I sent in the requested information, I was informed that I was permanently suspended and that my money was frozen for 180 days which they would then email me. This whole series of events is wild to me. Suspended for using a service they offer. Then admitting fault and saying it wouldn't happen again. Then it escalating beyond comprehension.


Anyone else experience or heard of this? What do I even do? 


Account Permanently Suspended for Buying Crypto

New Community Member
Same thing happened to me about 180 days ago. Crypto is still there but they cleaned out my account $$ for “violations of user agreement” no proof, evidence, explanation or anything. Crypto still locked

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