Unauthorized Transaction and Request for Refund

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Dear PayPal Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to you today with great concern regarding an incident that recently occurred with my PayPal account. I am seeking your assistance and guidance in resolving this matter promptly.

Early this morning, I discovered that an unauthorized transaction had taken place, resulting in the deduction of funds from my PayPal account. Despite not initiating any transactions and being inactive on Twitch, I received confirmation emails from both Twitch and PayPal, indicating a successful payment of 78€. This unauthorized deduction raises serious questions about the security of my PayPal account.

I have taken immediate action to secure my account by removing my bank-issued Visa card and the Mastercard associated with Revolut from my PayPal account. Additionally, I have changed my account password and implemented additional security measures, such as enabling Google Authenticator.

Unfortunately, I must inform you that my initial PayPal dispute regarding this unauthorized transaction was rejected, and the funds were not refunded. I have reached out to PayPal through the Message Center, as well as contacted Twitch Help for assistance, but have yet to receive any response or resolution.

This entire experience has left me deeply worried and uncertain about the safety of my funds and personal information. I kindly request your urgent help in investigating this incident thoroughly and rectifying this issue. It is of utmost importance that the wrongfully deducted funds be recovered and the security of my PayPal account be restored.

My question is that am I even able to be refunded by now ? 

I sincerely appreciate your support and would be grateful for any assistance or guidance you can provide in resolving this matter. If any additional information or documentation is required to aid in the investigation, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this urgent matter. I eagerly await your response and a resolution that will restore my faith in the security of PayPal.

Best regards

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Hi @vetmenko1,


I am sorry to hear what has happened. This must have been upsetting for you. I am glad to hear that you have changed your password and added an additional security layer to your PayPal account. I would also recommend changing your password on twitch and the email account that you use for PayPal. Sometimes they can access your email account which allows them to change passwords for other accounts so always keep your email account password different from other accounts and the same for your PayPal account. Something that even your closet friend wouldn't guess. You mention that you were concerned about your information being visible on your account, please note that we never show the full details of a card or bank account, we will generally only show the last four digits. 


If the payment was made via twitch and your PayPal account was used it may be that we are not seeing any unauthorized access on your PayPal account as your account was not directly accessed. In a case like this I would recommend to reach out to twitch again and let them know what has happened and request that they refund the payment to you and help you secure your account. 


Please do let us know how you get on as it may help other members, 




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Hello Friend,


Same happened with me, i lost 500GBP by an unauthorised transaction via paypal, I have linked my credit card in the paypal, that **bleep** stolen my money via paypal.

I'm also waiting for the refund, its really frustrating situation,

Although Paypal is a large organisation, their security measures are very poor, making it very easy for hackers to steal money through PayPal. I was wondering when a large corporation had weak security measures that allowed anyone to steal money.

I now regret using PayPal, which has put me in this terrible scenario.

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Hello @rajuraju12


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I'm sorry to hear you've experienced some unauthorized activity through PayPal. I can certainly understand how concerning this is. I understand you're currently waiting for a refund, so it sounds like you've already reported this transaction through our Resolution Center. Hopefully you'll hear back soon from them. 


Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support teams if there's anything else they can assist with. 


Best wishes!


 - Jon K

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I received a similar email stating that I had made a transaction and someone requesting money. I have a zero PayPal balance and I immediately checked my bank account and no money was missing. I considered it a fraud/scam email and sent it to spam folder. 

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Hey @Iez,


Welcome to our community help forum and thanks for posting!


I can see how receiving that email would be concerning. You did it right by checking the email's validity logging to your PayPal account. Please forward any suspicious emails to phishing@paypal.com and we’ll investigate it for you and view this web page for more information on phishing emails.


Best wishes,


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