Scammed by a seller

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I ordered a product on ebay and seller suggest me to transfer the amount via PayPal friends and family. As he needs the money urgent, I send it and he is not responding and blocked me... Can I get my money back or it's gone... Please reply me ... I am waiting for someone
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Hello @dineshraja


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I'm sorry to hear a recent transaction hasn't gone quite as you've expected. As payments via Friends and Family do not have Purchase Protection, we never recommend sending them for a goods or service you've purchased. If you funded the payment via a debit / credit card or bank, I would recommend reaching out to them to see what kind of dispute options may be available. I would also recommend reaching out to eBay to see what kind of dispute or reporting options are available there. 


Best wishes on this and future transactions, 


 - Jon K

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