Option to accept partial refund not visible

Hi I opened a dispute against a seller. The seller has offered a partial refund in the resolution centre but when I click on respond it only gives me the option to fill in the return shipping information. How can I accept the partial refund if the option to accept it isn't available? Thanks
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Hello @Tootex,


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Sorry to know that you're not able to accept partial refund. Here's how to accept a partial refund:


Go to  your  Resolution  Center. (The Resolution Center is accessible via the 'Help' link on the PayPal app.)  
Click Respond next to your case.
Accept the seller's refund offer or suggest a different amount.
Click Submit.   

You've 10 days to accept or deny a partial refund offer before it expires. As you're not getting the accept option, please try clearing your cache and cookies from your internet browser or try to use a different internet browser/device. If the issue still persists, please reach out to our team through the available contact options at the bottom of PayPal page or message us through Facebook or Twitter for additional assistance.


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Hi Bindu,


I can see the partial refund offered by the seller but PayPal have closed the case before I could accept it. The partial refund was only submitted on the 10th March and PayPal have closed the case earlier today. How do I accept the refund?


ThanksScreenshot 2023-03-13 at 14.29.44.png

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