My PayPal claim was cancelled although it’s obvious the person was selling counterfeit items

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Hi I recently got an email that my case against someone who sold me a counterfeit tracksuit has been cancelled, I presented photos of the one I received compared to photos of the authentic one but they still refused to put the claim in my favour, is there a way I can get them to reconsider or redo my claim?. Many thanks.
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Photos are easily manipulated and not considered proof.

You would have needed to have provided written proof from a shop that sold the genuine article OR the company that manufactured the item to say that they were fake.

If you could just claim something was fake without proof then every buyer would do so to prevent them having to return the item back to the seller.

Most fake stuff come from China where it is legal to sell fakes, so buyer beware.

You could try getting the proof and appealing within 10 days?

OR if you funded your paypal payment via a credit card you could try a chargeback?

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