Jetstar airfare compensation possible??

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I don't know if I have a case for compensation with this problem or not???

I booked a domestic airfare with Jetstar and paid using Paypal.

I booked a ride to the airport with a shuttle bus service (Mastercard not Paypal).

The shuttle bus was supposed to pick me up at 4AM and cart me to the airport.

The bus never showed up and there phone was not answering.

I missed my flight and at that early hour I could not ring anybody.

I could not cancel my Jetstar ticket because it was too close to departure time.

I sent an ANGRY but not insulting email to the shuttle bus company.

Later in the day the bus company emailed me back. There was a sorry, a silly excuse and they said I would get my bus fare refunded but that was all.

The bus ticket cost was refunded.

I'm still out of pocket $139 for the Jetstar ride that never happened. Jetstar is not at fault.

Do I have any right to compensation?


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I doubt that you will get compensated from PayPal. You received the ticket. And the ticket is what your ordered. PayPal buyer protection is not a warranty or insurance. Talk to the airline or the bus company. It is your responsibility to mitigate loss for example, by taking an Uber or a taxi to make your flight instead. Always book transport to airport with extra time to get alternative transport in case something like this happen. Better to get to airport early than miss the flight.

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