Help bought a garden sofa which was damaged

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Hello Everyone,


I purchased a garden sofa online on the 25th March 2023 which arrived with parts missing, a warped arm and a cracked leg.  This was paid for using paypal credit.


Unfortunately after trying everything I could to contact the seller I had to raise a paypal dispute.  This has gotten nowhere, and the customer service from paypal has been shocking!  The estimated date for resolution keeps being extended, and the seller keeps replying the same thing which is "sofa delivered".  When I try to reply back I often get an error message.  I've been on paypal online chat and the last person I spoke to basically said tough luck.


I've looked online, and I think I'm right in saying that the seller should pay for the return and give me a refund?


Can anyone help me please?



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Did you raise a dispute for item received but not as described?

Then if so the dispute process is for negotiations between you and the seller, if you can't reach a settlement then..... 

once raised to a claim Paypal become involved.


The 'only' option under Paypal buyer protection ''if'' they find in your favour is to return the item back to the seller for a full refund.

Paypal do not get involved in part refunds or making a seller fund your return costs.


If the seller is in the UK and they do not pay return costs then you can take your own private legal action via the small claims court to recoup those costs. However if the seller is international you may be out of luck.


That is as long as you opened a SNAD dispute and not one for non receipt of item or another option?

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