Hacked but didn’t lock me out and only transferred $900 from my bank to PayPal balance

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So this morning I woke up to some weird emails from PayPal saying various transfers between $19.99 and $899.99 happened and the link below was not formatted correctly so I thought haha scam. Then I got an email saying 2 factor was turned on from my account from actual PayPal so I went to look and it was turned on (password still the same) and I was able to bypass the 2 factor by getting a text. I changed my login info and turned off the app 2 factor and changed it to my phone and created a dispute case because of the fraudulent activity but…why? I don’t suppose I can stop these echeck transfers to my paypal balance but unless I’m missing something I can just transfer the money back to my bank now once they clear? It’s really confusing the hacker didn’t lock me out of the account or just send money while in my account.
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I understand your concern about the unauthorized activity in your account. Don’t worry, we offer full protection for confirmed unauthorized activities. You can report any unauthorized activity by following the steps listed in our article : How do I report an unauthorized transaction or account activity


PayPal’s 2-step verification gives you an extra layer of security. Once you activate this feature, we'll send you a unique, random 6-digit access code each time you try to log in. More details about 2-step verification can be found here.


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