Got tricked by big company and paypal refuse to help


Year ago I purchased license for Carly car adapter via their glitchy website using Paypal. There was nothing mentioned about yearly subscription back then I was not notified by paypal that I have an active subscription and in Invoice or paypal details there is not a single word about any subscription or recurring payment year later exept in carly's email they sent after purchase and it was in the bottom so low chances that anyone would read it.

They have updated their website later last year and now it clearly states the information but it did not back when I did the original purchase.

Anyway on march 14th I found that 73,99 euro was taken from my bank account for Carly license once again. I was not notified before the payment neither by Carly nor Paypal. I don't use their adapter anymore and this is just a waste of money for me at this point. 

Of course I'm not going to argue about how big companies like Carly secretly trick people with these yearly subscriptions. But the point is that Paypal seems to ignore everything and fact that there are no mentioning of yearly subscription in description of item or the whole invoice neither in their own details for that purchase. Instead description is just some random generated numeric code. They still state that I have not enough evidence. I just want to get refund as I don't need their product anymore.


So is there any chance I could get an actual person working for paypal who would care about the issue and help me solve it or at least provide me with some evidence of their own on why they can't solve this issue?

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Cancel the automatic payment and ask merchant to issue a full refund or at least prorated refund. Next time read the fine print.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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