Duplicate charge on paypal for one amazon purchase.

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I made a purchase on Amazon using my PayPal debit card. The purchase amount was $75.08. The same charge showed up twice on my PayPal debit card. I contacted Amazon and they confirmed I only purchased one item for that amount and they only processed one payment. I opened a dispute with PayPal, only to have it denied a few hours later with no feedback. Tried to call PayPal and they said I could not be placed through to a live agent. What am I supposed to do here?
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Open the duplicate transaction in PayPal activity and click “Report a problem” link, click “I have a billing issue”, click “Duplicate Transaction” and follow the subsequent prompts.


On the other hand, if the duplicate transaction is listed as pending in PayPal though, it’ll time out and drop off eventually.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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