Can I open a dispute on Ebay purchase?

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Hello all,


I bought a Hive active heating kit on Ebay (Hub, Receiver and Thermostat)  in March which the seller had described as brand new in the box and unused. I did not need to install the items until this month and just performed a visual inspection of the items and put them aside. On installing the items this month, I could not pair the hub and contacted Hive support who informed me that the hub had already been registered on another account and was not brand new and as a result I cannot use it. I contacted the seller who said that as the 30 day period had passed , there was nothing they could do unless I get a message from the manufacturer Hive confirming this. I got this email and sent it to the sender but the seller is no longer responding. Can I open a dispute as this item was not new as purpoted by the seller?

Thank you

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Open a dispute in the resolution center. You’ll be responsible for return shipping costs.

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