Appeal dispute/ Denied credit card charges from bank affect paypal?




Today Paypal informed me my account was closed due to unconventional activity.

Sure enough when I logged in I had to reset a bunch of things and saw there were two big charges totalling almost *significant ammount*

One was to Yandex AG Europe (which I have seen pop a lot on the internet in combination with paypal fraud) and one was to FutureGarden UK.

I appealed both and one was closed within an hour saying there was no evidence of unauthorised paypment (even though paypal informed my of the activity in the first place).

I immediatly removed all my payment cards from paypal in order to avoid further damage, when contacting my bank they blocked my card and issued a new one. They said to wait for the final response from paypal and if not satisfied to use their moneyback service. I wonder how this would work seeing as I now owe paypal a large sum of money.


Any help or pointers would be very helpfull!

Already tried to call paypal but the robot was useless.

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Check if you had a subscription set up.
Click on the profile tab (icon next to log out) > Click on payments third option along on the thick blue band top of page > "manage pre-approved payments.''

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Same problem. I broke and was without a phone for two weeks. Got a new one and i cant log back in few days later finally get in. Find 28 transaction from yandex europe. Theyd changed the phone number, email address there were about 12 unknown devices logged in theyd set up and maxed out paypal credit (i never used it before) and then tried to direct debit 6k from my bank. This was like a week or so ago. Ringing paypal back tommorow but im not hopeful about getting all the credit cleared
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