Acct limitations... Why won't they open back my acct

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So I was deemed not allowed to have PayPal about 5 years ago and now that I'm a freelancer and use side hustle like testing sites, reviewing books, mystery shopping and stuff like that, which by the way they only pay with PayPal but PayPal is saying I can never have an acct again, which how is that possible so all my hopes and dreams and goals I have worked to are just in over? They told me to use another payment processor, which I would if these companies allowed it but they literally only use PayPal and I tried to use someones else's but it says because it ain't my name then I can't receive the payments so what am I supposed to do? How are they allowed to tell me I can't have a second chance
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If you pinned all your hopes and dreams solely on PayPal, then go back to the drawing board. Find something to do that don’t require PayPal, that you can use other payment platforms to do because unfortunately PayPal decided they don’t want you as customer.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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