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Suddenly being asked Social Security a small private seller.

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I'm so confused. I'm debating if it's worth continue using Paypal. As recent as Dec. 18 I made a purchase on Ebay using Paypal. The payment was taken from my PayPal Wallet vs my checking account. Yesterday, made a small (2) items purchases $5.04. The order was split in half. One order was processed the other didn't.

please use metal telepathy since this forum limits 100 characters........ gee what a concept

After making 3 calls, and waiting (1) on each call. I was told several things. That's the Mantra at Paypal. It depends your luck who and what you are going to be told. 1) the bank declined it 2) I had to verified my account, and yet I had been using PayPal as recent as yesterday.


I'm a small user, they are now flagged my account that I need to provide my SS,or Passport blah, blah. After being on the phone for almost 1.30 I was able to transferred my Wallet funds to my checking account. I don't want a single penny left on my Wallet now.  I was under the impression that SS is required if you sold min $20k/2000 items. Why the inconsistency? I don't qualify on either fronts.








Suddenly being asked Social Security a small private seller.

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It doesn't matter these days, they'll eventually want your SSN anyway whether you meet the 1099K or not because it is also used to verify your identity and vet each user account. If you do not want to provide SSN, you are within your rights to close the account.

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