Discrepancy between Annual Transactions Report and 1099-K


I downloaded a report of all account transactions for 2022, and sorted the transactions to try to discern what income my business received, but that net  number differs from that reported on the 1099-K.

Can someone please tell me which categories on the annual report are included in the 1099 box 1a "Gross amount of payment card/third party network transactions"?

The categories in the report are:

Account Hold for Open Authorization
Bank Deposit to PP Account
Direct Credit Card Payment
Express Checkout Payment
General Authorization
General Card Deposit
General Payment
General Withdrawal
Invoice Received
Invoice Sent
Mass Pay Payment
Payment Refund
PreApproved Payment Bill User Payment
Reversal of General Account Hold
Virtual Terminal Payment
Website Payment

If I net those indicated by color - which, with the exception of the payment refund, fees were attached - there is a significant difference with the 1099-K.

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